WA University – Open Education Program

Recently, I was criticised for not giving more information about the open education program I’ve been following for the last few months at the WA University. After looking at my posts and pages objectively, I’d agree. Writing a review of the WA University was planned and is still in the plan, but I wanted to complete a few more courses to improve this website, to give me more to write about.

Does a Free Lunch Exist?

If you look back to My Full Time RV Income page, I found it hard to believe that anythingSweet Free Hugs - WA University is free. However, I was wrong! When signing up with WA University you can rest assure that your email address is just used for WA communication and spam will not start overloading your inbox. In fact, spam is totally banned within the WA environment and everyone sticks to the rules or face expulsion!

After signing, participation in the ten lessons of the Getting Started Course is free, plus the gift of two free websites that are yours to keep, no matter what. Also, free webhosting forever and no emails at a later date asking for webhosting fees. So it’s possible to be a member of WA, have professional tuition in building two websites, without costing a cent!Welcome Back to School - WA University

WA University

Before reaching half way into the Getting Started Course, after being a member for a few days, I decided to take the offer of Premium membership for the next month at only $19. My logic was that I could steam into the advanced courses for the next month and then go back to a free membership.

Each tutorial is like looking over the tutor’s shoulder as he walks you through the step by step building of his new website. When considering other reputable online courses in other disciplines as accounting etc., each WA tutorial must be worth a few hundred dollars, if not more.WA Successful Business

I almost forgot to mention the fellow students! Stupid me! The students are an integral part of the learning process. Anything that’s not understood can be typed in the search box where a drop down will appear with a lead to the answer. If not, the question is put to fellow students and a few will reply within a few minutes. It works! I had to ask a question on more than one occasion. In the rare instance that no one knows the answer, the tutor steps in to enlighten everyone.Students - WA University

The students are a friendly and positive bunch. Many write various posts for the community to read and I’ve made a habit of reading them with my morning coffee, as they can be very informative, very social, but most of all very motivating.

So spend every minute of the first month ploughing through the courses as you won’t get this sort of value anywhere else. It’s hard work but it’s a lot of fun.

I think it’s best to stick to one website until all the courses are completed, even though I think of some great ideas. Success is all about building up the rankings of the website and that won’t happen if the effort isn’t concentrated. However, all this is taught in the courses.

That reminds me, don’t skip any part of the course and complete all the tasks. That way nothing is missed and those that adhered to the programme have VERY successful websites. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have and I’d really appreciate some feedback, to pass on to others who are looking at ways to live the dream.

Love and light to you all.

Flexible Work from Home – Why Not from Anywhere?

Most full time RVers tend to move around wanting flexible work from home. Some RV (Recreational Vehicle) nomads tend to move seasonally to stay in a temperature comfort zone, whilst others may have itchy feet and Tea Time - Flexible Work From Homenever settle in one place too long. Of course there are many in between who may stay awhile in a place and maybe just a few days at another. I’m probably in between, leaning towards having itchy feet, wanting to haul my 5th wheel home sometimes at a moment’s notice after spending a few weeks or longer in one place.

The Young Ones

I’d really like to see more young people embracing the freedom of the full time RV lifestyle. Like many of my generation, I wonder why I didn’t do it years ago. Over the past few years, I’ve got the impression that owning an RV in Europe is only for those who have grey hair. Perhaps they’ve become too expensive to use just at weekends and holidays for young people with mortgages and the lure of cheap all inclusive holidays in faraway lands.

Back in the Day…

Back in the 1970s, the freedom of a full time RV lifestyle was a dream because, unless you wereVW Bus - Flexible Work From Home rich, an income was needed to survive. There was no internet in those days and low paid jobs in bars tended to be the staple of travelling students, governing the location and duration of the stay. When enough money was earned to fill up the VW bus and provide food for a week or so, it was time to move on to the next place of interest and explore for a few days before looking for the next job. Fruit picking was also popular, but seasonal. There was no flexible work from home.

The Land of Scammers

Now we have the luxury of the internet with the creation of many opportunities. Unfortunately, Be Scam Smart - Flexible Work From Homethere seems to be an abundance of scammers, as I’ve mentioned on the My Full Time RV Income page. We are living in a time where work can be totally flexible with regard to time and space. All you need is a laptop and a connection to the internet, but these scammers deter many people from looking further. I’m hoping that this website will become the place where those wishing to embark on a full time RV lifestyle will visit to read about mine and other RVers experiences of producing an income. Those who visit regularly know that I’m testing the WA Open Education Programme to learn to build websites (still learning as you can see with this unfinished example) and to study affiliate marketing.

So far, it’s been a good experience, but I’m still learning and need to learn much more before I can earn an honest and ethical income. But hey! It’s only been two months and look where I am from starting at zero!

What are the experiences of full time or ‘wannabie’ full time RVers in their approach to an income to support this fantastic lifestyle? Flexible work from a flexible home! Please get in touch to share what worked and what didn’t work for you!

Thank you for reading and your comments will be much appreciated.

Love and light to you all.

How to Completely Change Your Life by Following Successful Life-Changers!

Life Change Gandhi - How to Completely Change Your Life

How to completely change your life! For those who have not read About Kevin, my life changed dramatically in February 2014 when I suffered a major stroke. That is definitely not the way to change your life, so make sure you have regular check-ups!

Hello Everyone!

When I signed up for my free website building tuition, I was introduced to a community that’s incredibly diverse in so many ways. Fellow website builders from different time zones and different countries are willing to answer my questions, 24/7. Plus, many interesting and informative articles are posted by these friendly people.

As I received their help and read their articles, I started to read the profiles of these hardworking, special people, who are mostly living from the proceeds of their affiliate marketing endeavours, also I discovered another plane of diversity.Study Group - How to Completely Change Your Life

Some members of the community are very experienced and very successful, who want to put something back and help those who are maybe in a similar position to theirs in the past. Not all joined the WA Open Education Project from a privileged position. What I mean by privileged is having a permanent roof over your head, no addictions and not having to worry about finding the next meal.

A Real Hero!

One of these incredible people was a homeless young lady with a very young baby. My goodness, can you imagine that? I certainly can’t! I’m lucky not to have been homeless so far in my life, so I can’t begin to imagine being in this position. On top of this, caring and looking after a new born baby! How did she follow the free course until she started making money? Borrowed a friend’s PC or laptop? Sit outside McDonald’s for the free Wi-Fi?Young Mother and her Baby in the Park - How to Completely Change Your Life

This young lady was very determined to change her life and with a tremendous amount of hard work she did it. From building her own website, she’s become a successful affiliate marketer. She may not be earning millions, but she now has a nice little home with good food on the table. What can be classed as shear luxury to many of us, she can stay at home to care and play with her offspring, who is now a toddler, and puts much back into the WA Open Education Project online community.

Guts and Determination

Another member of this online community was once a prolific gambler, which was probably an addiction. He’d won millions, but unfortunately he lost more money than he had won. He reached a point in his life where he knew he must kick the addiction before his debts grew so large he wouldn’t be able to pay them off in his lifetime. He needed a distraction to consume his spare time.Man Working with Laptop - How to Completely Change Your Life

This guy had no idea how to use a PC when he first started, so he learnt to use one in tandem to his course work. He threw himself into his studies and the WA community, which helped him with both his course and PC questions. Gambling took a back seat in his life, but perhaps now he’s addicted to working on his website and helping others in the WA community. Certainly not a bad addiction!


My admiration for these two people would be lost in words and that’s the same for other members who’ve drastically changed their lives for the better. They’ve all worked very hard in their studies and put what they’ve learnt into practice.

Those readers, who have read the About Kevin page, will see how I want to voluntarily change my life, doesn’t compare with the situations of many others. However, I take much inspiration from these people in my quest to make a modest income to support a nomadic full time RV lifestyle.

Thank you for reading my blogs and I would appreciate your comments, especially if you’re a full time RVer. How do you create your income to live the dream?

Love and light to you all.



Your Full Time RV Income – Is It Closer?

How much closer are you to that full time RV income?

For those of you following the WA Open Education Programme like me, which I can now thoroughly recommend, we are getting closer to a full time RV income every time we log in, complete a lesson or engage with the WA community.Large Marge RV - Your Full Time RV Income

The observant types amongst you have probably noticed more pictures and a better reader friendly layout. I’m looking forward to improving my website and blogs as I progress through the course and look forward to your comments on the changes. At the moment I’m trying to solve why the comment boxes are missing!

Full Time RV Living

There seems to be an ever increasing amount of people moving towards full time RV living and I’d love to hear about how they are making it work. We can feature good ideas and share them with our fellow nomadic friends, but I need to hear about them. Just send an email and I can feature how you’re doing it in a new post.Chevy Van RV - Your Full Time RV Income

In the meantime, I’m going to follow the WA course until this website is running perfectly. Also, I’d really like to hear the comments of those that are also taking advantage of the FREE course and 2 FREE websites. If you want to join us, click on this!

Love and light to you all.

It started with Frank!

Dodge-Glendale - Full Time RV Income

After wading through many RV full time forums trying to discover how people were achieving a full time RV income, I came across Frank, from New Zealand, purely by accident. I was looking for jobs that let you travel and allow for the full time RV lifestyle when I became a little distracted, as you do, and wandered into Frank’s website.

Too good to be true?

If you have read the My Full Time RV Income page it is easy to understand why I initially laughed when I came across Frank’s website. However, as I read the first page, I wasn’t being confronted with any hard selling or paragraphs with lots of air and no information, but I was still on the alert.

What alerted me was the word FREE!

TWO, not just one, but TWO FREE websites and enough FREE tuition to start making some income from blogging.

I really didn’t believe this, but having a very inquisitive nature I decided to click on the link to see where it would take me.

Those of you that clicked on the above link have seen that you must register for the FREE stuff. I wasn’t asked for any credit card details or money, so I registered for all the free stuff.

Surprise, surprise!Surprise-big-eyes- Robbie-Grubbs - Full Time RV Income

Yes I was genuinely surprised! Not so much by the fact it was free, but it seemed high quality.

I got cracking straight away on the courses designed to teach me about websites and hopefully help me develop some form of income. If you are reading this, it must be working! If there is still some stuff missing from this website, I’m still developing my new found skills and they’ll be added later.

The courses are packed with information and the videos consist of a walkthrough of what you’d expect to see and do on your PC screen. A genuine tutorial, not a smarmy face looking at you speaking so much rubbish you’d think their rectum was sealed at birth.

A very knowledgeable community

Once I got to work on the tasks I started to come up with a few questions. The students are encouraged to put any questions to the community and I was directed immediately to the answers. Coming from a university teaching background, I started to realise that this was a real open education programme very similar to Problem Based Learning (PBL).

Within no time at all I had a website! You can have two but I decided to stick to one until I knew what I was doing.

What do you think so far? Your comments would be appreciated. (If there’s no comment box, I’ve yet to learn how to build one)

Here’s the link again!

How much time do I need?Time - Full Time RV Income

Communicating with the community gave me the impression that everyone seems to work at different speeds. There were jobless people, single parents wanting to stay at home with their kids and others wishing to get out of the normal routine and work from home. You work at your own pace!

What must be said at this point is that this is no get rich scheme and the income grows from steady hard work. A marathon not a sprint! Also, if you’re a jerk or a spammer, please keep away as it’s a totally spam free environment.

Deciding to get more involved

Within four days I had the web address and had started to build the site from the knowledge I was gaining each day. I’m one of the slower members as I’m still recovering and I get tired from my daily therapy, so don’t be surprised if you are much quicker.

It was at this point I decided to become a Premium member to gain extra educational benefits. I had reasoned that the courses I’d complete so far were worth about $300-$500 and the $19.99 (about €14.70) to taste Premium membership was a tiny drop in the ocean when compared to the hundreds of dollars’ worth of courses I’d be completing during the following month. However, you can still carry on learning without going Premium as many have that couldn’t initially afford the $19.99.

Start the free courses now!

Here I am a month later

Without any knowledge of website building and development, I’ve arrived here after a month and feel very confident that with some hard work studying and completing study tasks, I’ll have an income to support a full time RV life.

I’d very much like to hear from other RVers on the topic of income and I’d also like to hear from those readers who followed the link to this open education programme.

Watch out for a future update about my web building experience and a website dedicated to using North American RVs in Europe when this trial website is running correctly

In the meantime, take care and safe travel.

Love and light!